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Alarm over government directive to relocate all refugees living in urban areas to camps in Kenya.

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Zahra Rashid
Saturday, December 29, 2012

Médecins Sans Frontières(MSF), a non governmental organization which runs a hospital in Dadaab said that the deteriorating condition is worsening and that the impact of the government's order is disastrous.

Addressing the press, the MSF’s Head in Kenya, Dr Elena Velilla noted that the large number of of refugees has lead to straining for the available resource, for instance medical attention.

“We are concerned with medical consequences thousands of Somali refugees pushed to leave urban areas and go to remote the already saturated camps,” Noted MSF head in Kenya.

She stated that MSF treats about 14,000 patients from the overstretched camps in the Kenyan north on monthly basis making the assistance not meeting its intended needs.

“The condition of the refugees living in Dadaab worse, and if the Kenyan government’s decision is implemented, the medical and humanitarian situation is going to be more disastrous,” Said Dr. Velilla.

The government decision stated that no assistance should be given to refugees outside the camps and ordered all refuges in urban centers to move to the Daadab and Kakuma camps in a bid to fight terrorism, believed to be carried out by the refugees.

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