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A Senior police officer killed in Garowe, Puntland

Hiiraan Online
By Zahra Rashid
Monday, December 24, 2012

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A senior Puntland police officer was last night killed at Garowe, Puntland province of the Somalia Republic.

The deceased who was mentioned as Col. Abdullahi Hussein alias (Gaal-dile) was killed by a group of unknown young men as he came out of Al Rahma Mosque.

According to an eye witness, Mr Hussein was shot at close range by the gang who drove away very fast.

“He was standing in front of his car when he was shot by the gang of young men holding pistol and who seemed to have been waiting for him,” Said the eye witness.

Through telephone conversion, Hiiraan Online learnt that there has been no arrest so far and the police are carrying on investigation to arrest the culprits.

Garowe town has been notorious in the recent days, there has been a series of attacks targeting the security agents and also local leaders among them are late Col. Abdullahi Salah and Member of Parliament Abdiqadir Mahamud.
Al-shabaab fighters have reportedly moved to Puntland in recent months gain ground in their stronghold of in the southern part of the country after the African Union-backed government forces in evicting them from their base in the port city of Kismayu.

This incident comes a day after the Somali president, Hassan Sheikh Mahamud, speaking in Nairobi stated that the Somali government is not going to spare any criminal or anyone who is going to disrupt the peace status in the country.

“The laws in Somalia are clearly stated and there will be no compromise to law breakers and none of those who break the state law will be spared because the law will deal with them accordingly,” Said Mr. President.

He urged the residents to collaborate with the police to help make Somalia a peaceful and change her face before the world.

At the same venue he note that salaries of the security forces will be increased to boost their morale as they carry on their duties of maintaining law and order and ensuring the state’s security.

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