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Police boosting security situation in Somalia at it's 69th anniversary

Sunday, December 23, 2012
By: Abdulaziz Billow

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The Somali Police Force on Thursday celebrated its 69th anniversary since its establishment in 1943 the year it was officially established and recognized as the national police Force.

This year’s event took place at the General Kaahiye Police Training Academy in Mogadishu that has been enjoying relative peace and stability following an improvement in the security conditions. The well decorated officers presented a very beautiful march in front of visitors with the security forces expressing hope that the force will take over the security of the capital soon.

Addressing the officers, Somali police Commissioner said that the Police Force has struggled despite many challenge and at the same time encouraged them to double their efforts for the restoration of a long lasting security to the war ravaged nation.

The African Union alongside other countries is training officers with the intent of filling a crucial gap after many years of armed conflict. It also hopes that the training will improve the skills of the Somali Police so that they can be professionals.

The Police Force is today commemorating its 69th anniversary here in Mogadishu that is among the dangerous cities in the world where security still remains the biggest challenge.

Lately, police have carried out massive security operations across the sixteen districts of Mogadishu arresting hundreds of people and confiscating weapons, assault rifles, hand grenades and improvised explosive devices. On his part, the interior and national security minister promised that the new government is ready with a four year plan to increase the necessary parts of the police force.

Female police officers have also joined the police with a desire to maintain law and order. Women officers have been seen on the Mogadishu streets manning the traffic and also participating in security crackdown.

As a part of boosting the security situation in Somalia, the African Union also sent police from several East and West African countries to train the Somali officers who will be under tasked with maintaining the country’s security after the exit of the African Union forces.


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