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Police detonates a planted bomb in Mandera,

By Zahra Rashid

December, 20 2012

Mandera, Kenya - Police on Wednesday detonated a bomb that had been planted on the roadside in Mandera County;North East, Kenya.

An officer aware of the incident said the officers were alerted by smoke that was bulging from Boarder Point Three area.

“After the hint, we arrived at the scene and detected the huge bomb that was about to explode and exploded it,” Stated the security agent.

The bomb is said to have been set on a motorcycle battery and a time placed besides it ready for explosion.

“It was a huge bomb and had it exploded on a vehicle, so many lives would have been lost,” Said an officer whose name is withheld.

No arrest has been made so far over the incident in Mandera while the hunt down continues in the whole county.

Since Kenyan sent her troops to Somalia to hunt down Al Shabaab militants, there has been a series of attacks in the country making Kenya experience insecurity.

The most attacked areas have been Mandera, Garrisa and Eastleigh, areas densely populated by members of Somali community.


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