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One killed and 8 injured in blast in Nairobi’s Eastliegh area

Hiiraan Online
By Zahra Rashid
Thursday, December 06, 2012

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One person was last night killed and 8 others were injured when an explosion went off in Nairobi’s "California" estate in Eastleigh.

Nairobi Area police boss Moses Ombati said that the blast was caused by a bomb.

He said that the deceased, Mr Peter Kyalo, who worked as a casual labourer, died hours after he was rushed to hospital while six others, all pedestrians were treated and discharged, leaving one still admitted.

“The injured were rushed to the Mother and Child Hospital in Eastliegh and the Kenyatta National Hospital. One of the victims succumb to the serious injuries, 6 have been treated and discharged leaving one of the victim admitted in hospital with serious but stable injuries,” He stated.

According to the Mr. Ombati the blast seemed to have been set off from a distance or one of the victims stepped on it before it went off hitting the pedestrians, police said.

“No arrest has been made so far but we have confirmed it is an improvised bomb being work of one person, as there has been another blast in the past months at the same area,” Said Mr Ombati.

An eye witnesses told a Hiiraan Online reporter that the explosion went off shortly after 7pm, catching many pedestrians off guard. It was not immediately clear what caused the explosion, but eye witnesses claimed it may have been caused by gas cylinder.

Mr Ombati noted that investigations are on the path to find the culprits behind the series of blast that has shook area more than three times in a single month.

The Bomb experts who arrived at the scene said it was an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and left a a small crater where it detonated.

The experts lamented that a hole of about 50 centimetres was spotted near the store where the explosion is said to have occurred.

An eye witnesses told police the suspect was in the company of two others and had arrived outside the supermarket aboard a motorbike when the incident happened.

The suspect was later charged in court with planning to cause deaths. The police, who cordoned off the area as they tried to unravel the pattern of bomb blasts in the area, had difficult time controlling a crowd that gathered.

Few meters away from where the Wednesday night attack took place, a suspected terrorist was arrested as after an explosion he planned to detonate inside a supermarket went off and injured him in November.

the Eastleigh area has been synonymous with explosions in the recent months that have led to injuries and deaths, totaling the number of deaths to about 40 people and hundreds injured.

Last month, a passenger minibus exploded after a man hurled a bomb in it killing seven people. The incident followed another one weeks earlier in which an explosion went off in a crowd of pedestrians walking home, killing three.

Kenya has been experiencing a series of explosions after troops rolled into Somalia last year to hunt down Al-Shabaab militants who had been blamed for several insecurity incidents in the country.

Hence, it is believed that the attacks are being committed by remnants of the terror group and the militia group’s sympathizers.

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