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A primary school teacher killed by suspected Alshabab sympathizers in the outskirts of Mandera

Hiiraan Online
Zahra Rashid
Tuesday, December 04, 2012

A primary school teacher was last night shot dead by a group of criminals in the outskirts of Mandera Town, in North Eastern part of Kenya.

According to the County Commissioner, Mr Michael Tialal the deceased who taught at  Neboi Boys Primary School was killed last night by a group of unknown men.

He said that the criminals whose number cannot be known at the moment went into the house of the teachers and killed him and escaped into the neighbouring Kalali village.

“The attackers killed Mr Patrick Kimathi Miriti and escaped to the neighbouring Kalali area without taking away anything from his house all they had was a motive to kill him,” Said Mandera’s County Commissioner.

Mr Tialal added that thorough investigations are on to trace the gang that committed the criminal offence and that the long arm of the government will find them.

“We have launched thorough investigations hoping that the leads we have will enable us capture the master minds of the killing,” He echoed.

During a telephone interview, the County boss assured of their security and that they should not worry because the government has taken measures to curb insecurity.

“I want to assure all Kenyans in Mandera that the security is on high alert that they have nothing to fear since Kenya’s security matters are under control,” Said Mr Tialal.

He mentioned t hat the security personnel on Kenya- Somali border are on high alert to prevent entry of the members of the militia Al-Shabaab group in to the country.

“Security is tight even though the border is porous, the Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF) who moved into the deeper region within Somalia will make the border safer for daily lives of the local residents,” He mentioned.

He noted that the KDF has decreased the cases of invasions and so the area is safe, with 24 hours surveillance on security making crime rate is low.

“The fact that our Kenyan soldiers have taken over the main Al-Shabaab bases, Afmadow and Kismayu in Somalia sometime back, makes it easy for us to ensure our security is tight,” Added the county Boss.

The police boss also said that the Kenyan authorities in partnership with the external forces are working hard to against piracy and acts of terrorism within the porous border

 “The current attacks in other parts of the country are just people who wants to intimidate the government and ma sure that the long arm of the government shall at the end poll it all capture the culprits and get rid insecurity issues,” He assured.

Mr Tialal hailed the locals to alert the police of any suspicious looking fellows in the region and that the security department is on high alert to ensure that no outsider or residents engages in any criminal activity.

“I urge the Mandera residents to report of any suspicious looking people in the area, we would not want outsiders to come and damage the good image and serene environment for both the residents and civil servants who are here to enjoy their time,” He hailed.

The Kalali area residents however feared that the attackers might be a section of Alshabab sympathizers believed to have carried out a series of attacks in Garrisa and Eastliegh are within Kenya.


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