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Former foreign correspondent hopes exhibition sheds light
ABC Online
Friday, August 31, 2012

Former ABC foreign correspondent Peter Cave hopes an exhibition by photojournalist and former hostage Nigel Brennan reminds people of the importance of a journalists role.

Peter Cave is in Albury on the New South Wales and Victorian border to officially launch the City's Somalia Cultural celebrations.

The celebrations include Nigel Brennan's The Price of Life exhibition. The exhibition gives insight into Brennan's hostage experience. In 2008 while reporting on the Civil War in Somalia, Brennan was kidnapped and held captive for 462 days.

Cave who retired from the ABC in July, met Brennan a couple of years ago.

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"One of my main jobs when I wasn't overseas was training young reporters in the dangers of foreign reporting. At the ABC we do a survival course, a hostile environment course with a company that we employ and Nigel came along as a speaker to talk in a section of the course that was about hostages and it was amazing to have someone who had actually been a hostage under most trying circumstances to come along. So we invited him back to the next course and the next course..."

Cave hopes people who see The Price of Life exhibit get an understanding of the cost that can be attached to being a reporter based overseas.

He also hopes the exhibit makes people appreciate the importance of a journalists role in a war zone.

"Bringing home a true understanding of what is going on overseas... Going to these places and seeing what is happening and trying to put it into some context for Australian audiences...

"I think the media do an essential job, especially overseas, shedding light of some of the nastiness going on in the world."


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