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British Ambassador to Somalia welcomes the election of new speaker
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Press release
Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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Matt Baugh on Tuesday welcomed the election of the new Speaker of the parliarment and his two deputies.

"On behalf of the UK, I would like to welcome the election of a new Speaker of the Federal Parliament of Somalia, Prof Mohamed Osman Jawari, and his two Deputies.

This is another positive and encouraging step forward both in ending the Transition and building greater stability in Somalia. We look forward to the new Parliament working constructively for Somalia's future independently, transparently and free from undue influence.

The UK would like to pay tribute to the work of the Technical Selection Committee and the commitment shown by the interim Speaker Gen Hassan Muse. They have discharged their responsibilities with courage and patriotism.

On behalf of the UK, I urge the various Somali stakeholders, including the President, Prime Minister and others, to now continue to work together in a spirit of compromise and dialogue and to resolve the outstanding issues promptly and transparently. We look forward to the election of a new President without delay." Said Mr. Baugh in a statement.

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