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Kenya to impose sanctions on Somalia peace spoilers

By Lillian Onyango
Friday, August 17, 2012

President Kibaki (centre) Education minister Mutula Kilonzo (left) and acting chairman of the Kenya National Music Festival Peter Wanjohi (right) during performances by music festival winners at State House Gardens August 17, 2012. The President said Kenya will impose sanctions on those out to sabotage the Somalia peace process and subvert the political transition.  NATION MEDIA GROUP

President Kibaki has said Kenya will impose sanctions on those out to sabotage the Somalia peace process and subvert the political transition.

He urged Somali people to remain vigilant and guard against any attempts to derail the implementation of the agreed political roadmap, ahead of the last chapter on the Somalia transition process in September.

He warned that Kenya will not tolerate anyone bent on derailing, undermining or manipulating the roadmap towards a permanent political settlement in Somalia.

"Accordingly, those bent on perpetuating such acts will be held individually accountable for their actions, and as a government we shall not hesitate to identify and isolate them, including imposing punitive sanctions,” President Kibaki said in a statement Friday.

The President pointed out that the consequences against potential spoilers are well spelt out in resolutions of the United Nations, the African Union and IGAD.

He welcomed the adoption of the Provisional Constitution by the National Constituent Assembly and commended the Somali leadership on the significant progress made in the implementation of the roadmap towards ending the transition.

“Kenya takes cognisance of the fact that the selection of Members of Parliament and election of the Speaker, the Deputies and the President and eventual setting up of a new Government after more than two decades of turmoil and lack of proper governance structures will be a defining moment for Somalia,” he said.

He described the process as a “pivotal position to push forward a permanent political process and place Somalia on a path of sustainable peace, stability and prosperity".

At the same time, President Kibaki sent Idd-ul-Fitr greetings to the Transitional Federal Government and the people of Somalia.

He said the period has been a time for all Muslims in the world to share the happiness of coming together in intense devotion, reflection and service.

“For the people of Somalia, there have also been great expectations for the ending of the transition and getting on a new path for peace and prosperity,” the statement read.

President Kibaki also commended the Somali leadership on the significant progress that made in the implementation of the Roadmap towards ending the transition.

He called on all Somalis, both in and out of their country, and the political leadership to ascend beyond their individual interests and act in the best interest of the Somali people by embracing the outcome of the elections and uniting to rebuild Somalia.

Earlier in the year while addressing Somali leaders in Nairobi, President Kibaki said Kenya’s security and the entire Horn of Africa region is vitally connected and inextricably linked to lasting peace and stability of Somalia.

Presently, the Kenya Defence Forces are in Somalia in a mission to flush out Islamic militant group Al Shabaab, which has claimed responsibility for a number of terror attacks in the region.


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