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Several questioned over terror attacks – Saitoti

The Star
Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Internal Security minister George Saitoti has revealed that several people including Kenyans and foreigners have been arrested and are being interrogated by detectives in connection with the recent terror attacks.

Saitoti who declined to reveal more details about the investigations but blamed the attacks on Al Shabaab and their Al Qaeda allies vowed that the government will ensure that those responsible for the attacks will be arrested and charged. " We have had several attacks and police and the government is investigating the case. There have been arrests and we can't reveal our investigations. Some of those arrested are Kenyans while others are foreigners. The government is not going to rest until we come to the bottom of the case. We will ensure that those bent on creating disharmony and despondency within the country will be dealt with," Saitoti said.

The minister said that the government will not sit back and let people who have messed up their country do that to Kenya. " This people have messed up their country and we will not allow them to do that to Kenya. We will win the fight. Kenyans should be alert for suspicious people or activities around them," the minister said. Saitoti revealed that security agents have thwarted many attempts by suspected terrorists to carry out attacks in the country and would continue tom do so without endangering the lives if Kenyans. " " They have tried many times to carry out attacks but we have stopped them We will be able to come on top of this people," Saitoti said.

He urged police to work diligently because the government was committed to the reforms which will be symmetrical and will address their welfare including remuneration and capacity enhancement. Saitoti thanked Britain and other donor countries for assisting the country i its war against terror especially at a time when the country bis facing attacks because of deploying troops to Somalia in pursuit of the Al Shabaab insurgent militia group. He said that several police officers have been trained by British security agencies in passenger profiling to enhance their capacity in the fight against terror.


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