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Kenyan forces kill over 200 Al-Shabaab militants
Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Over 200 Al Shabaab Militants were reportedly killed in air strikes carried out by the Kenya Defense forces and TFG forces in the towns of Badhade and Kolbio on Sunday night.

The Christmas airstrikes targeted Al-Shabaab camps in the two towns following intelligence information that the Al Shabaab insurgents were planning to attack the KDF and TFG troops.

Following intelligence information to the Kenya Defense forces and TFG forces that the Al Shabaab militants had planned to attack the troops during Christmas, KDF staged the deadliest ever air attacks since the Somali incursion.

And as the air forces carried out the air strikes, troops on the ground remained extra vigilant following reports of planned attacks on the troops by the Al Shabaab insurgents during the festive period.

The marine troops too are not leaving anything to chance.

The troops have already taken charge of the Indian Ocean since the start of operation Linda Nchi and pushed the Al Shaabab further into Somalia from Kenyan waters.


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