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Press Release by Permanent Mission of The Somali Republic to the UN

 27 June 2008.

In reference to the recent appointment of Mr. Malt Bryden as Coordinator of the Monitoring Group (MG) established pursuant to resolution 1519 (2003) in which its mandate was recently extended for a period of six months by the resolution 1811 (2008).
We expressed our strongest objection to the appointment. We have conveyed our position to the President of the Security Council, Secretary General of the United Nations and Chairman of the Sanctions Committee on Somalia.

Our objections stems principally on his view on Somalia that is fundamentally contrary to what is enshrined in our Constitution; that is the Transitional Federal Charter of Somalia; that maintaince unity, territorial integrity and political independent of Somalia and thus consistent with the Charter of the United Nations.

In reference to CV of Mr. Malt Bryden have submitted to UN Secretariat and later was circulated to the members of the Security Council, he has “facilitated introductory mission of Senlis Foundation to Somalia”

This mission led by SenDs Council has published unfair and biased report on Somalia dated on April 2008. Mr. Malt Bryden academic article on Journal of African Security Review 13(2) 2004, and article on Institute for Practical Research and Training dated July 2000, as well as, other reports sanctioned by him questions the unity of Somalia.

Taking into account what Mr. Malt Bryden has published, interviews he has given and academic articles he published demonstrates his unfairly opposition towards the Somali Government and its allies in the region.

He has history of actively supporting disintegration of Somalia, contrary to the
Charter of the United Nations, the Charter of the African Union and all Security Council
Resolutions, including Resolution 1811 (2008) that re-established the Monitoring Group.
However, the people of Somalia, government or opposition, secular or religious, civil society
or business, fundamentally believe the unity and terroritial integrity of Somalia.
In this context, if Mr. Matt Bryden is maintained as Coordinator of the Monitoring Group despite our strong objection, we have informed to the United Nations officials as well as members of the Security Council that we will not cooperate or offer any facilitation for the work of the Monitoring Group.

We also do not expect that countries that we have cordial relations will provide sensitive information to the MG that touches our national security. In order to meet Security Council obligation, we have expressed to the countries in the region as well as regional organizations to develop jointly ways and means to channel information relating to arms embargo on Somalia without channeling that information to the MG as we have legitimate concern of this appointment.

In final note, on our letter addressed to the Secretary General, we have assured him the Somali Governments’ full confidence on his leadership, wisdom and commitment toward lasting peace and stability in Somalia. We reiterated to work with him and his Special Representative on that endeavor.

We have all along accepted on all his previous appointments without reservations but we have very serious concern about Mr. Matt Bryden as fair and independent expert.
New York

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