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National Civic Forum Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Somali Independence

Hiiraan Online
Sunday, July 04, 2010

Nairobi (HOL) – Members of the National Civic Forum (NCF) met Sunday morning at the Meridian Hotel in Nairobi to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Somali independence and to discuss current situation in Somalia.

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Mohamed Ali Hashi, one of the moderators of the discussion spoke on the history of Somalia from as far back as 300 years ago. He argued that to solve today’s problems, Somali’s must take a page from history and learn what united the Somali’s of past generation.

Some members of the panel denounced tribalism as the roadblock for peace and reconciliation whilst others defended it as an integral part of a Somali’s identity.

The discussion was dominated by talks of unity among Somali’s and what is the best means to promote pan-Somalism. Hassan Sheikh spoke in length about the culture of the Somali people and how clan affiliation played a major role in shaping modern Somali politics. Mr. Hassan Sheikh said that all the radical changes we have seen over the years in Somalia is the cause of a major political events that united the people. He pointed at the SYL opposition to Italian colonial rule as an example and their efforts lead the country to independence  then nobody figured out where we shall we go from here.

The NCF describes itself as an independent, non-partisan organization that was founded by Somali professionals and scholars on September 20th – 24th in Nairobi, Kenya. NCF’s mission is to generate and creative ideas that will assist in the establishment of a democratic political order, durable peace, justice, rule of law, and sustainable development.

The NCF’s manifesto lists reconciliation between the North and South as a “high-priority” in their short to medium term agenda.



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