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Hisbul Islam Sets Up an Islamic Administration for Gedo Region

Hiiraan Online
Thursday, February 12, 2009

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Mogadishu, Somalia (HOL) - Hisbul Islam (the party of Islam) has established an Islamic administration for Gedo region in southern Somalia. Hisbul Islam is an umbrella party for four Islamic parties that are active in south and central Somalia.

Sheik Farhan Iil-Mooge who is the party’s spokesperson in Gedo region said that the administration they set up in the region will implement Islamic Sharia and that the administration consists of a governor, deputy governor and a speaker.

There has been an administration in the region set up by Al-Shabaab movement which also promised to implement Islamic Sharia in the region.

Sheik Barre Mohamed Faarah who is a member of the administration set up by Al-Shabaab said that the two administrations are implementing Islamic Sharia and do not conflict with each.

“The administrations which exist here were set up so that they can raise the word of Allah and there are no problems between the (the two) administrations” said Sheik Barre Mohamed Faarah who added that the region has Islamic courts which carry out justice based on Islamic Sharia.


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