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Somaliland President Creates New Regions and Districts
Hiiraan Online
Monday, March 24, 2008
President Dahir Riyale KahinHargeysa (HOL) - The President of Somaliland, Dahir, Riyale Kahin, has issued Presidential degrees creating six new regions and fourteen districts. The names of the new regions are Gabiley, Badhan, Buhoodle, Salal, Sarar and Odweyne. The new regions and their districts are carved out of existing Somaliland regions, such as Hargeysa, Awdal, Togdheer as well as Sool and Sanaag. The latter two regions are contested by both Somaliland, which unilaterally broke away from Somalia, and the neighboring, Puntland regional State of Somalia.
Somaliland is scheduled to hold Presidential and local elections in June and September this year and the Presidential degrees stated the creation of the new regions and districts would not effect the upcoming elections.    
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The Vice President of Puntland, Hassan Dahir Mohamud (Afqudhac) dismissed the new
Somaliland move as a farce where the names of existing Puntland regions such as Ayn are merely changed to Buuhuudle. The Puntland Vice President further accused Somaliland of war-mongering and called it to refrain from meddling in the affairs of Puntland.
Kulmiye and UCID, the two main Somaliland opposition parties, have not as of this writing, released their views on this development. The Online Edition of Jamhuuriya Newspaper called President Riyale’s new degrees as a political ploy intended to win votes.
Here are the fourteen districts:
  • 1)  WAJAALE of  GABILEY Region.
  • 2)  WIDH-WIDH of Buuhoodle Region.
  • 3)  QORU-LUGAD of  Buuhoodle Region
  • 4)  GO’DA WEYN of Sahil Region
  • 5)  HARASHEEKH of Oodweyne Region 
  • 6)  RAYDAB KHAATUMO of Oodweyne Region
  • 7)  GARBA DADAR of Salal Region.
  • 8)  BOON of Salal Region
  • 9)  XARIIRAD of Salal Region
  • 10) LAASCIIDLE of Sahil Region.
  • 11) WAR-IDAAD of Sarar Region.
  • 12) CEELAL of  Sarar Region
  • 13) WAR-CIMRAAN of  Togdheer Region
  • 14) MAGAALO CAD of Awdal Region

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