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Somali President : I am not against an Election.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Somali Presdent: Sharif Shiekh Ahmed

The Somali President Sharif Shiekh Ahmed has declared that he is ready for an election but needs first to be consulted and prepared.

In a Meeting he had with the cabinet and some members of parliament yesterday President Sharif announced that he is willing elections to be held but  also wants necessary consultations to be made with stake holders.

"I am not against an election, but we need to have consultations on how we can organise  the election and end the Transitional period  ,"  said the President.

The President also stated that the extension of time of government institutions is the responsibility of the government and parliament should approve or reject it.

In his speech Mr. Ahmed also pointed out the extension of the transitional period of the Parliament saying that it was not consulted with the government .

 "The responsibility of the constitutional institutions of the government is to protect the country from the dangers it’s facing and we have to work together so save the country," said Mr. Ahmed.

Mr. Ahmed also commended the government saying that it has improved the security in the country in its short term of office.

The President said that a presidential candidate can not form an electoral commission which he refered to the formation of the electoral commission by the Parliament Speaker Sharif Hassan Shiekh Aden calling the commission unconstitutional one.

The  speech of the President Sharif Shiekh Ahmed  came after  days he announced that he will stand for re-election.

Source: HOL