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Somali Government condemns ban of mobile money transfer services

Government of Somalia
Monday, October 18, 2010

Mogadishu, 18 October 2010  - The Somali Government strongly condemns extremists ban on mobile money transfer services in Somalia. The ban came when the firms refused their service to be used by al-Shabab for terrorist fund-raising as they did during last Ramadan month.

Somalia's economy mainly depends on remittances sent by the Somali Diaspora, which are fully managed by Somali-owned money transfer companies. To take their business extra mile as well as to conform to international compliance standards, some of the firms in the industry have introduced mobile money transfer services, which were widely received. Unfortunately, the extremists want to destroy the economic gains made by the Somali business community in the last two decades despite challenges.

This absurd ban is another blow to the Somali economy as al-Shabab earlier turned Bakara market, Somalia's largest market, into a battleground and imposed extortion money on businesses in areas under their control.

Somalia Minister of Treasury, Hon. Abdullahi Mohamed Ali (San-balolshe), said:

"The extremists are against innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development of the country. They contribute nothing to the local business but destruction, extortion, and political and economic isolation."

"The business community should now see the importance of supporting the government in getting rid of these militias. A strong government would protect their businesses and add value to their businesses by building infrastructure, creation of business opportunities through government contracts, and facilitating investment and free economy including banking system."

This is another testimony that foreign criminals fighting alongside al-Shabab are against the existence of the Somali people. They regularly issue edicts banning everything from flying our Somali flag to delivery of humanitarian aid to the needy Somalis, from desecrating the graves of Somalis to playing our beautiful songs. These all show they are against the Somali people and their identity.

Source: Government of Somalia