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For First Time in History, Somalia Claims Socotra as Its Own

Yemen Post Staff

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

newsinsidSomalia has claimed that the islands of Yemeni Socotra Archipelago are part of it, requesting the United Nations to determine the status of the archipelago, executive director of the Saba Center for Strategic Studies said.

The unstable horn of Africa country with a transitional government receiving unlimited support from Yemen said it has the right to administer the archipelago, which lies about 340 km from the Yemeni coast, because it is located within its territory and borders, Ahmed Abdul Karim Saif made clear.

'The Somali claim is an unprecedented and dangerous indicator at a time when local activists and organizations are demanding to give Socotra a suitable status according to its geopolitical and strategic location, boost all services on it and take all necessary measures to keep other countries away from thinking of any part of Yemen.'

In response, Yemen submitted a request to the UN saying the archipelago is Yemeni and history and its influence on it prove its claim, he said.

Yemen's response came late and helped prevent a dispute over the archipelago, said Saif, as he ruled out that Socotra is currently a matter of dispute between the two countries.

The remarks were given at a seminar on Socotra, at which the participants voiced concerns about the situation of the archipelago amid poor basic services and infrastructure.

They said the current situation in Socotra could lead to unacceptable security, military and economic consequences that may hamper preparing the investment climate on it and its development as Yemen is seeking to better use its potentials.

Moreover, they urged the government to address all issues affecting the interest of the Socotra people and their traditions.

Yemen Post Staff