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Somalia: The list of 18 Ministries

Here is the list of Ministries

1.      Deputy PM & Foreign Minister, Abdullahi Mohamed Omaar

2.      Deputy PM & Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Dr. Abdiweli Ali

3.      Deputy PM & Minister of Defence, Abdihakim Mohamoud Haji-Faqi

4.      Minister of Finance and Treasury, Hussein Abdi H

5.      Minister of Interior and National Security , Abdishakur Sheikh Hassan Farah.

6.      Ministry of Information, Post and Telecommunication, Prof. Abdulkareem Hassan Jama

7.      Minister of Education, Higher Education and Culture, Dr. Abdinur Sheikh Mohamed

8.      Ministry of Ports, Marine, Air and Land Transport, Ahmed Abdirahman Abade.

9.      Ministry of Commence, Dr. Mohamud Abdi Ibrahim

10.  Ministry of Public Works and Reconstruction, Abdirashid Hashi

11.  Ministry of Justice, Religious Affairs and Endowment ,Abdullahi Abyan Nur.

12.  Ministry of Women’s Development and Family Welfare, Dr. Maryan Qasim

13.  Ministry of Mineral Resources, Abdirisak Sheikh Muhyadin

14.  Ministry of Health and Human Services, Dr. Aden Haji Ibrahim Daud

15.  Minister of Agriculture and Livestock,  Yusuf Moallim Amin

16.  ministry of Youth and Sports, Abdinur Moallim Mohamud

17.  Minister of Fisheries, Marine Resources,  Dr. Mohamed Moallim Hassan Mohamed

18.  Ministry of Constitution and Federalism,  Mohamud Mohamed Boonow.