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Saturday, December 25, 2010

There has been some confusion about the relationship between Saracen International and the TFG and Saracen’s activities in Somalia. There were also some answers to reporters’ questions and interviews and writings on this issue which may have been misunderstood, or based on incomplete or at time inaccurate information. Today we hope to set the record straight and share with you and the world the accurate details of what we learned after reviewing relevant documents and speaking with the parties involved:

1.      The Somali Cabinet, in its meetings on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 and Thursday December 23, 2010; discussed at length the issues related to the agreement between the TFG and Saracen International.

2.      The agreement with Saracen predated the current government so the review of this agreement by the cabinet now was to make sure that it serves the best interest of the Somali People.

3.      The scope of TFG agreement with Saracen is training Security Personnel and some Humanitarian work.

4.      Our agreement with Saracen clearly does not address any specific activities for the company in The Puntland State of Somalia.

5.      After a thorough investigation, we have been assured that the TFG has not been party to any agreement or activity that is in violation of the UNSC resolutions and we are cooperating with the Monitoring Group with regard to their concerns.

6.      The Transitional Federal Government has a responsibility to provide security to its people and needs the assistance of the International Community in building its capacity to achieve this goal. The TFG agreement with Saracen International is a limited engagement that is clearly defined and geared towards filling a need that is not met by other sources at this time.  

7.      The funding of these activities is provided by some Muslim Countries that have no interest but to help the people and Government of Somalia overcome the difficulties they faced for the last 20 years. This is a rare opportunity afforded to Somali People in State Building as is done for others like Iraq and Afghanistan by many countries and companies.