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Somali Supreme Court Clarifies Dispute Over PM Confirmation

Hiiraan Online
Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Somali Supreme Court on Monday rendered a legal clarification on the confirmation procedure of the newly appointed prime minister. The high court declared that constitutionally and traditionally, the confirmation process is to be carried out in an open vote, and not in secret ballot.

“The Supreme Court rendered in legal explanation regarding the confirmation process of the newly appointed Prime Minister, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed. Citing article 71(b) of the Transitional Charter, which stipulates that the 1960 Constitution can be invoked where the Charter is unclear or not found, as long as it doesn’t contravene other laws of the land, and that article 82 (b) stipulates that the confirmation of the prime minister should be carried out in an open vote—a process that was traditional,” said the Court in a statement.

The Speaker of the Somali Parliament did not comment on this ruling. The Somali Parliament will convene their session on Wednesday to confirm the appointment of the new Prime Minister. There is still much speculation as to the status of his confirmation and how he will be voted in.

In September 2007, Government of Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed jailed  Chief Justice of the Somali Supreme Court for reportedly a dispute between the President and the then Prime Minister, Ali Mohamed Gedi

According to the highest court in Somalia, the ruling now clears up the political grey area on the comfirmation of  the new Prime Minister.