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Three Killed In Mogadishu Bomb Attack - Witnesses

March 11, 2009
MOGADISHU, Somalia (AFP)--An ex-security chief for former Somali prime ministers was killed Wednesday along with two others by a roadside bomb in Mogadishu, the victims' relatives and witnesses said.
Three men including the former head of security, Ubeyd Ali Fidow, were traveling in a vehicle when the bomb hidden in a pile of rubbish exploded, they said.

"He (Fidow) has been killed with two others this (Wednesday) morning in a roadside bomb attack," Fidow's uncle Abukar Husein Abdi told AFP.

A police official in Mogadishu, Mohamed Abdulle Nur, confirmed the attack, while not giving further details.
One witness at the scene said the car with the men passed in front of his shop "and minutes later I heard a heavy explosion that destroyed it (the car) completely," said Said Adan Yaska. Police then came and removed the burned bodies of the three men from the vehicle, he said.

Last month, Somalia's new president, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, a moderate Islamist, agreed to proposals by local and foreign religious leaders for a truce with hardline Islamists and the implementation of sharia law.
But the Islamist Shebab and other militias have continued to battle the government and its allies.

Clan fighting and rivalry have scuppered numerous attempts to restore stability in the country since it plunged into a civil war with the 1991 ouster of president Mohamed Siad Barre.

SOURCE: AFP, March 11, 2009