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Somali-Ethiopian officials visit Ogaden Diaspora in Sweden

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Delegates of the Somali Regional State holds successful discussion with Diaspora in Stockholm

  • Statement by Ethiopian Embassy in Sweden

A delegation of from the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia held a successful discussion on the current political and socio-economic affairs of region with   Ethiopian community from the Regional State residing in Sweden on August 15, 2009 in Stockholm. The delegates call upon member of the community to come back and see or help the development activities that are going on in the region.

Speaking on the discussion, head of Capacity Building Bureau and chairman of the ruling party of the region, H.E Mr. Abdulfatah Abdulahi, said that more than ever before, the both federal and the regional government have accorded a greater level of attention to the development of the Somali region of Ethiopia in the last couple of years and impressive achievements have been attained.

Speaking at the current performance of the regional government and its plan in the future, Mr. Abdulfatah has revealed that for the next few years the outlook for the region economy remains favourable. 

He further noted that due attention has given to improve the quantity and quality of the education, health as well as other infrastructure development sectors of the regional state and thus significant achievements are recorded within the past few years. Although many educational institutions are established at different levels, the establishment of Jijiga University is one of the symbols of the achievements of the region in the education sector, he added.

Mr. Abdulfatah also urged the Diaspora from the Somali region to invest in region and in their homeland in various sectors as well as to contribute their share to ensure the development of the region. He also expressed the readiness of the regional government to give land and technical support as well as to facilitate bank loans to the Diaspora who will come invest in the region.

Similarly, speaking on the discussion, Head of The Security and Justice Bureau of the Region, Mr. Abdi Mohammed said that the regional state has secured a solidified peace and stability. He said that although the anti peace elements have been attempting to disrupt the development activities of the region with the help of other external anti peace elements; they have achieved nothing to disrupt the normal life of the people and are gradually diminishing themselves and ignored by the people as a result of their own evil and distractive acts.

He noted that the ONLF is by all means instrument of other anti peace elements in Somalia and Eritrea who have been playing a game with the blood of the innocent civilians in Somalia for the last 18 years and who want to import the same game into the people of the Somali region of Ethiopia. He further expressed the determination and readiness of the regional government to discharge its responsibility to protect and maintain peace and stability of the region on one hand and on the other hand to work in cooperation with any peace loving element.

Head of Education Bureau of the Regional State, Mr. Abdurhaman Shek Mohammed on his part said that the number of children are attending alternative basic education is increasing. He said that the bureau is also conduction studies in localities with shortage of education facilities with a view to enabling children get accesses. But he added there is a long way to go to achieve and satisfy the desire of our people in the region and requested the Diaspora community from the region to provide the necessary assistance to strengthen activities of the region in the education sector. 

Dr. Sultan Weli, head of the Water Development Bureau, Mrs. Sediqa Abdi, representative form Women Affairs Bureau, Mr. Beshir Abdulahi, Agriculture and Rural Development Bureau of the region are also part of the delegation.

In a statement given at the end of the discussion, representatives of the community of the region said that no matter in which part of the world they are in, they are ready to stand with and support the development processes of the region and of the country as a whole. In their statement, they added that peace is necessary and it must be achieved by any means and there by requested officials of the region discharge their duty.

Participant of the meeting also urge the regional government to exert its maximum effort to strengthen good-governance and to create jobs, to fight corruption and to bring sustainable peace and stability to the region.

Statement by Ethiopian Embassy in Sweden


- Shir Kale oo ay Wafdigii Ka Socdey DDS Maanta Jaaliyadaha Deegaanka Ka Soo Jeeda Ugu Qabteen Stockholm