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Somalia: Hisbul Islam Breaks into Two Factions

Hiiraan Online
Monday, March 23, 2009

Dr. Omar Iman Abubakar

Mogadishu, Somalia (HOL) - Hisbul Islam (the Party of Islam) in Somalia has broken into two factions. The party is an umbrella organization for four Islamic parties and opposes Somalia’s unity government which was recently formed in Djibouti. 
Senior officers from the party held a press conference in Mogadishu today and declared that they have removed from office the current chair of the party Dr. Omar Iman Abubakar and have elected Sheik Mohamed Hasan Ahmed (Amey) as the party’s new chair.
An unsigned memo announcing the removal of the chair from the chairmanship of the party was read at the press conference by Sheik Daud Mohamed Abti-doon who, according to the group, has been elected as the party’s new spokesperson.

The memo said that the chair of the party Dr. Omar Iman Abubakar has been removed from office based on the following reasons:
1. That he (Dr. Omar Iman Abubakar) breached some of the articles upon which the party was founded;
2. That the party has engaged in wars not authorized by senior management of the party and that the chair failed to resolve the issue;
3. That he as rejected the decisions of the Council of Islamic Scholars and has failed to convince party members the reasons for the rejection based on Islamic Sharia.

The memo also discussed the goals of the party which are:
1. The full implementation of Islamic Sharia in Somalia;
2. The withdrawal of foreign troops currently in Somalia and that no more foreign troops be brought to Somalia and that Ethiopia fully withdraw its troops from Somalia and never returns them to Somalia;
3. That Somalis determine their future as it has been in the past;
4. That the national unity government implement the recommendations of Olima (Islamic scholars) which is the withdrawal of foreign forces from Somalia in four months and not to bring any new foreign troops to the country;
5. That Islamic Sharia be fully implemented in Somalia.
The senior party officers who announced the removal of the chair also proposed seven articles which are: 
1. That Somalis in general and the Mujahidiin in particular follow the advice of Islamic scholars (Olima);
2. That Islamic scholars inherited the prophets (PBUT) and whoever opposes them opposes the prophets;
3. That Islamic scholar to pressure the unity government to accept their recommendation which was the full implementation of Islamic Sharia in Somalia;
4. That Hisbul Islam opposes bringing new foreign troops to Somalia and demands those currently in Somalia be withdrawn;
5. That the party opposes anything contrary to Islamic Sharia;
6. That the party will fully support anyone who implements Islamic Sharia;
7. That the party opposes any violation of Islamic Sharia and harming Muslims physically or financially.