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Heavy Fighting between Ethiopian Troops and Islamic Fighters

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Wednesday January 07, 2009(HOL) -  Reports we have received from Bay region say that heavy fighting between Ethiopian troops aided by Somalia militia on one side and Somalia Islamic fighter on the other side are taking place in the area between Baydao and Diinsoor in Bay region.

The fighting erupted after Ethiopian troops who left the city of Baydao to go to the city of Diinsoor were ambushed by forces that belonging to the Islamic fighters of Al-Shabaab.

There are no independent sources to report on the casualties of the fighting except that a spokesman for Al-Shabasb forces said that they inflicted heavy casualties on the Ethiopian forces and the Somali militia allied with them and that on their said one fighter was killed.

The fighting comes a day after Ethiopian forces aided by Somali militia took control of the city of Diinsoor from Al-Shabaab forces although the latest reports say that Al-Shabaab forces were able to return to the city and regain control of it.

In the last few days, fighting has erupted in several cities and towns in Bay and Galgaduud regions between Ethiopian forces aided by Somali militia on one side and Al-Shabaab forces on the other side.