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Somali Fishermen Accuse AMISOM Troops of Harassment, Intimidation and Violence

Hiiraan Online
Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Fishermen who fish on the Shore of the Indian Ocean near Mogadishu are complaining that UNISOM troops guarding Adam Ade International Airport and the city’s port often fire on them.
Abdirisaaq Mohamed Jama who is one of the fishermen in the area said that AMISOM troops fire on them when they approach Mogadishu waters and that there are people who died as a result of fire from AMISOM troops.
“In the beginning they used to warn us not approach Mogadishu waters but nowadays they fire on us using heavy weapons, including B10 guns” said Abdirisaaq Mohamed Jama .
Mr. Adirisaq said that they fish in the areas between Jazira and Dhanane and that they travel on deep see waters to catch fish. “In the past it took us an hour and half but nowadays it takes us 4 hours to make the trip (as a result of traveling further away from the shore to avoid UNISOM troops) said Mr. Abdirisaaq.

AMISOM troops in Mogadishu regularly patrol the sea between the port and the airport to ensure that they are not attacked from the sea.