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Two men charged with unintentional murder

By Janice Gregorson

Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN 

A verbal dispute over being kicked out of a bar apparently led to a physical altercation and the death of a 42-year-old Rochester man early Wednesday.

Today, murder charges were filed against Joshua Dean Lee, 25, and Adam Ross Brandrup, 25, both of Rochester.

Adam BrandrupThe two men were arraigned on second-degree unintentional murder charges in Olmsted District Court this morning. Judge Nancy Bostrack set unconditional bail at $400,000 and conditional bail at $200,000 for each. Conditions of release include staying out of bars and liquor stores. Lee returns to court Oct. 16, and Brandrup returns to court Oct. 20. They are accused of intentionally assaulting the man without intent to cause his death.

Brandrup and Lee work as bouncers in different bars, according to the criminal complaints.

It was a verbal dispute with one of their friends, a bouncer at another bar, that apparently led to the fight that ended with the death of Muhidin Yahye Mumin, whose beaten body was found in an alley in the 300 block of South Broadway shortly before 2 a.m. Wednesday. He died of multiple blunt force trauma to the head, neck and chest, according to results of an autopsy performed by coroner Dr. Eric Pfeifer.

Joshua LeeThe criminal complaints say that Brandrup and Lee and a handful of others had been at some local bars earlier in the night. They went to Club Amsterdam where a member of the group, Jon Bonde, a bouncer at Gilligan's Bar, was confronted by a Somali man he recognized as someone he had kicked out of Gilligan's Bar one night. He told investigators the man asked why he had kicked him out of the bar. Bonde said he turned around and saw Brandrup, Chuck Krom and Lee. He said he was hit on the head from behind with a pool ball or cue and was knocked out.

Bonde said that he remembers walking out into the alley, that he saw Brandrup punch a man in the alley and that they left and went to Gilligan's Bar.

Krom told investigators he went to Kathy's Pub with a friend and met up with Bonde, Mike Rippentrop, Brandrup and Lee. Then went to Club Amsterdam and saw Bonde on the floor holding his head. Krom said he left Club Amsterdam by the front door, walked around to the alley and heard what sounded like people yelling. Krom saw a Somali man on the ground and Lee and Brandrup throwing punches at him. Krom said the Somali man was in a fetal position on the pavement. He recognized the man as the person he had seen earlier in Club Amsterdam.

Rippentrop told investigators that he was with Krom and Rachel Brust throughout the night, that they met up with Lee and Brandrup and that they went to Club Amsterdam and saw Bonde get hit in the head with a pool ball by a Somali man. He said he and Krom grabbed the Somali man, who was holding a couple of pool balls in his hands, and pushed him out the front door of Club Amsterdam.

The complaint said Brandrup admitted punching the victim, who staggered back but came back at him, and that Brandrup grabbed the man's shirt and threw him to the ground. He said he took a couple of steps away and turned around to see Lee kicking the victim in the upper chest. He said he grabbed Lee and, along with two friends, left by car.