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Somaliland President and the US Military Base in Berbera

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Hargeysa (HOL) - President Dahir Riyale KahinThe President of the breakaway Republic of Somaliland Mr. Dahir Riyale kahin declared that he he has invited the Americans to use Berbera port as a military base, pointing out that the Americans used to have a base there previously. President Riyale told that he would welcome America and wished success in their elections.

"Though peace and stability have existed in our country for a long time, we have not been recognized and this has made us feel marginalized as, unlike other African countries, we do  not receive funds from international donors.   We are at war with the terrorists and we have hitherto untapped economic resources. We invite international investors to come and invest in this country without any hesitation" said Mr. Riyale as reported by the Geeska Africa newspaper which has been referring to the Ethiopian paper of Sub-Sahara published in Addis Ababa.

Mr. Riyale told that the Americans have pledged that they will push the African governments with the aim of giving Somaliland a recognition, mentioning that the visit of Ms. Janday Frazer to Somaliland has been the outcome of the visit he and his delegation have paid to the US in the beginning of this year.

President Riyale disclosed that he shall tirelessly work to ensure that the upcoming elections in Somaliland take place peacefully and democratically. In  answering a question on the registration and subsequent opening of political parties, the president said " Somaliland has not yet amended its constitution and for that reason it is not legal to open any political party at this point in time. those who want to take part in the elections should stop worrying and join one of the three parties that are currently functional.

The President has praised the Ethiopian government for its efforts to improve its relations with the Somaliland government and has shown how deeply he hopes to see Ethiopia become the first African country that recognizes Somaliland. 

In speacking on the issue of offering a military base for the Americans in Berbera, the president said " Life changes. Previously people used to say ´all roads lead to Italy but these days every road would take ýou ti America´ In that case we welcome the Americans and invite them to re-establish a military base  the same way as they did before.

President Riyale who spoke about the American elections expected to take place in November of this year, said " We only hope them a successful election and we wish them become a model for the democratic elections of the world"
While speaking about relations between Somaliland and European nations he mentioned the Italian government as an example, saying" On the basis of what we have discussed with the Italian envoy to Africa during my trip to Italy las year, the Italian government has no bad intentions and feelings about the Somaliland cause