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‘Tribalism is backward’ - Museveni

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hadijjah Aididh, Prof Sheikh Mohamed Jawari and Museveni during the dialogue on Wednesday  

Kadija Gurhan (Widow of  General Aided),  Prof Sheikh Mohamed Jawari and Museveni during the dialogue on Wednesday

TRIBALISM, regionalism and other forms of sectarianism portray a backward pre-industrial society, the President has said.

Addressing a Somali civil society organisation meeting at the Imperial Resort Beach Hotel in Entebbe on Wednesday, Museveni said: “Sectarianism can never achieve political causes, as the vice is used by opportunists for selfish goals.”

According to a State House statement, Museveni said if tribalism or regionalism was a basis for unity, Somalis, who profess the same religion and speak the same language, would not have had the decade-long political crisis.

The President said the main challenge to Africa was underdevelopment. He told the delegates that development involved appreciation of each person’s goals and services.

Museveni expressed concern about the suffering the Somalis had gone through and said leaders should work to bring about lasting peace.

“All the people of Somalia should sit together and draw a roadmap for peace after the transitional period.”
He assured them of Uganda’s support. “Uganda does not regard its African brothers as refugees.”

The chairperson of the Somali civil society organisations, Jabril Ibrah, thanked Uganda for contributing to a peace-keeping force in the war-torn country.

“We have a long way to ensure that peace returns to Somalia but this first ever national meeting will help us foster this goal.”

The three day meeting that started on Monday sought to unite Somalis to build consensus on how to contribute to the peace-making process in Somalia.

Source: New Vision, Mar 16, 2008