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Ontario Municipal Election: Somali Canadian Prospective

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Mayor David Miller likely to be relected

What is the Municipal election? And how important is it to get involved? How the outcome of this election does impacts the large Somali Canadians in Ontario?


To answer some of these questions, we must present some historical perspective and figures about the Somalis living in Canada. After the civil-war broke out in Somalia, there was an influx of Somali refugees who arrived and settled in Canada. Now  Canada has the largest Somali community outside of Somalia, estimates put the number of Somalis living in Canada at around 120,000-150,000. Ontario has the largest Somali population and majority have settled in Toronto and Ottawa. Majority of Somalis have made and call Ontario their adapted home, meaning they have bought properties, run businesses, work and go to school and they have the same rights and privileges accorded to all Canadians and therefore have the right to elect or be elected to an office.


As we know there is the Municipal election on November 13, 2006, where city councilors and mayors will be elected across all the cities in Ontario. Municipal elections are the local elections and elected city councilors and their mayors will make decisions about issues that affect us all such as, housing, parking, transit, property taxes, the police and garbage collection. And because these issues affect us all we should get involved and vote which city councilor will advocate on issues that are important to us and a mayor that is progressive and a team player.  In this context, the Toronto Star, this is the number one daily news paper with the largest circulation in Canada endorsed the current mayor of Toronto as the best among the current candidates for the mayoral race, which means on November 13, 2006 cast your vote for David Miller as the mayor of Toronto, the largest city in Canada.


Ottawa Municpal Election


In Ottawa, however, it's a tough choice between the candidates Alex Munter, Larry O'Brien and the current mayor  Bob Chiarelli . It seems that Alex Munter or Larry O'Brien will likely be the next mayor of the city of Ottawa.  Polls show voters are almost evenly divided between Alex Munter and Larry O'Brien which man should be the next mayor.


This is the best time for the Somali Canadians living in Ottawa to take part in this municipal election and vote for the candidate who cares about their needs. Candidates are eagerly looking ways to reach out Communities especially Somali Community inorder to get their votes. It is time to choose wisely to the best candidate. In the days ahead the Somali Community should get together and endorse one candidate  and vote for him. In any case you shoud come out and vote on November 13, 2006.  There are also two Somali Canadians running for the city Council. They are both  running in Alta Vista Ward which has a large ethnic Somali  population. Ismeal Ladiye and Ahmed Ibrahim are campaigning very hard to this hotly-contested area.  


Elect Dr. Cadigia Ali for City Council


Candidate Cadigia Ali - Here is what the Etobicoke  Guardian said about Cadigia "Ward 2 Councillor Rob Ford has had his share of media attention this past term although for the wrong reasons. He has called a fellow councillor a “waste of skin”, embarrassed himself at a Maple Leafs game and made some ill-advised and hurtful remarks about AIDS education at council. He prides himself on his penny pinching ways but that doesn’t necessarily make him an effective councillor. Ford’s act has become tiresome and it’s time for a change. The best bet for the ward is Cadigia Ali, a doctor who has a background in public health and
community service. She has worked as a community health worker for Rexdale
Community Health Centre and has served on several local boards. She provides a solid alternative to Ford

Similarly, the Toronto Star also endorsed candidates for city council of all the wards and in Ward 2 Etobicoke North in particular the Star has endorsed Dr. Cadigia Ali, a Somali Canadian who is running in a tough race against incumbent Rob Ford, This is what the star wrote about Cadigia Ali


“Barely 2 years in Canada, Cadigia Ali an Italian trained Somali Doctor was already steeped in volunteer work for the United Way, Canadian Red Cross and community groups in Etobicoke when the star noticed her work in 1993. 13 Years later she hasn’t stopped. She is running “because we don’t have a positive advocate. We need a builder, not a divider, someone who really cares and is an advocate.”  

 The Toronto Star on why Cadigia Ali deserves to be elected to city council (October 28, 2006)  


Cadigia is Italian trained Doctor with over 20 years experience in delivering community and public health programs. She served on many community boards for local organizations including Humber River Regional Hospital, Humber Memorial Hospital, the Canadian Red Cross, Rexdale Legal Clinic, Etobicoke Conflict Mediation Team, Somali Youth Scholarship Fund and the Canadian Business College.


Cadigia is committed to improve transit across ward 2, create more green space and more programs for seniors and youth. She is committed to provide tenant protection by making sure we build more affordable housing and give tenants the resources to deal with landlords. She will make sure that the city spends your tax dollars wisely by investing needed services and linking property tax  increases to no more than the cost of living and she intends to bring city hall to its citizens by promoting ward wide community consultation.   


Please we urge everyone to get involved in Cadigia’s campaign. To get involved please call the campaign office (416) 622- 7198 or e-mail [email protected]


On November 13, 2006 cast your vote for cadigia Ali and let us make this a reality.              


Hiiraan Online will post the result of this upcoming Ontario Election 2006