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Somali News Update -Monday - August 27, 2018

Police in Ethiopia arrested the disgraced former head of the eastern Somali region on Monday on charges of human rights abuses and stoking deadly ethnic clashes, the attorney general’s office said.

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Somali News Update -Sunday - August 26, 2018

British Somali teenagers are being taken back to their parents’ homeland under the pretence of a holiday and then kept in detention centres before being forced into marriages.

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Somali News Update -Saturday - August 25, 2018

(CNN) Whenever America was in a fight during his long lifetime, John McCain was in the thick of it.

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Somali News Update -Friday - August 24, 2018

A few eyebrows were raised when French football club Toulouse announced that the Brazilian midfielder, Somalia, has joined the Saudi football team, al-Shabab.

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Somali News Update -Thursday - August 23, 2018

WASHINGTON – Raising the specter of removal from office, President Donald Trump says that impeachment would wreck the stock market and the economy because he is doing such a good job.

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