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Somali News Update -Wednesday - October 3, 2012

MOGADISHU, Oct 2 (Reuters) - African Union troops and tanks occupied al Shabaab's former stronghold of Kismayu on Tuesday, but the Somali Islamist militants gave notice of their intention to fight back, saying they detonated a bomb in the port city.

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Somali News Update -Tuesday - October 2, 2012

A day after he made his first tour outside of the capital, to Badioa, south-west of Somalia, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamed headed to the flood ravaged city of Beledweyne in central Somalia.

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Somali News Update -Monday - October 1, 2012

Kenyan police on Sunday dispersed dozens of people throwing stones at Somalis in Nairobi after a blast at a church killed one child and wounded nine.

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Somali News Update -Sunday - September 30, 2012

Rebel al-Shabab fighters have pulled out of the southern port city of Kismayo, their last stronghold in the country, after a military assault by Kenyan and Somali troops, the rebels have said.

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Somali News Update -Saturday - September 29, 2012

Somalia’s well-being rests significantly on its large youth population, according to a United Nations report released today, which stressed the importance of empowering this segment of the country to spur economic, political and social growth in the country.

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