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Somali News Update -Thursday - May 23, 2013

MOGADISHU, SOMALIA—The Elman sisters are bathed in the honey glow of Somalia’s late afternoon sun, the only sounds coming from an iPhone in a pink case that chirps continuously and the bursts of chatter from women upstairs. A sign in the corner of the office where they sit reads: “Real Men Don’t Rape.”

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Somali News Update -Wednesday - May 22, 2013

A federal judge on Tuesday declined to reconsider the lengthy prison terms he imposed last month on two would-be Islamic militants from North Jersey who plotted to join a terrorist group in Somalia, rejecting their lawyers’ claim that the judge was improperly influenced by the Boston Marathon bombing.

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Somali News Update -Tuesday - May 21, 2013

Some Members of the Somali Parliament who were demanding the removal of Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon from office have now decided to back down following a public outcry.

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Somali News Update -Monday - May 20, 2013

Delegates from Somalia, The neighboring countries and oversees gathered in Mogadishu to pave the way for the upcoming Nairobi reconstruction and investment conference and exhibition (SORIC), which will be held in Nairobi, Kenya on 28-29 May 2013 at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre.

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Somali News Update -Sunday - May 19, 2013

Region that broke away from Somalia in 1991 is still waiting for international recognition.

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