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    Mahiigaan @ 11/8/2010 6:02 PM EST
 The girls were 12 and 13 years old. They are not Pimps
they are freaking pedophile peddlers. I like to see
their faces and names splashed on every Somali website
so in the future these filth should be kept away from
the society. they came to USA and they are still
doing crimes, why don't they stay their homes and
be criminals there. I hope ICE dumps them on the
Indian Ocean the Somali side, that way they can honestly
say they did deliver them to Somalia.
these are 3 gangs two male and female gang!
were the heck are these miscreants' parents?

    somalijaceeyl @ 11/8/2010 4:29 PM EST
 let them rot in jail & then deport the "gawaadyaasha" ( the pimps)
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