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Gang and Knife Awareness Event for Somali Communities

Press Release
Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kayse Maxamed, Editor, the Somali Voice

On Saturday 25th October, 2008, the Somali Voice, in partnership with Bristol Somali Media Group (BSMG), presents an event for Somali communities to promote awareness of gang and knife issues amongst Somali parents and adults.

The event provides opportunities for Somali parents and adults to gain an understanding of the issues, especially gang and knife and other related crimes, faced by Somali young people in the city -- including level of the problems and how to deal with them.

“Mums have a big influence on helping their kids to make the right choice – and we need to help mums to talk to their kids about dangers of carrying a knife.” ---- Home   Secretary, June 2008

The event will provide relevant information, and will feature guest speakers. These will include:

●        Kerry MacCarthy, MP

●        Ahmed Ibrahim Dahir (Ahmed Weyne), Somaliland MP

●        Somali elders and parents (2 members)

●        Latif Ismail, Kayse Maxamed

●        Trevor Margenou, Superintendent

●        Keith Open Show, Police Community Liaising Officer

●        Somali Imams (or leading members) from Al-Huda and Al-Baseera

●        Local community organisations: Somali Youth Forum, Nilaari, etc

Notes to editors:

●        The Somali Voice and BSMG are Somali-led media organisations in Bristol, which provide platforms to reach (communicate) with the Somali speaking population, as well as information and news for local communities.

●        BSMG, in partnership with Somali Voice ltd, will re-start publishing the bi-lingual monthly newspaper, The Somali Voice.

●        The event is being sponsored by Bristol City Council, and will be held annually from now on.

Source: Somali Voice, Oct 22, 2008

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    horror @ 10/23/2008 7:14 AM EST
 i was reading the story of the young boy in Somalia when he said, that he felt sorry when he saw his agemats going to school.
and then these kids are expected to build back their country but instead they are two alternitive either end up in jail or be killed before.
So, there is no solution for an idol like these
    antiyeey @ 10/22/2008 6:53 PM EST
 If these kids want to knife people, soon we'll
have them pyacticing on YEEYs on YEEYland.
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